residential asphalt paving services

in Latrobe, PA

Residential Asphalt Paving Contracting Services for Area Homes

Tom Jeffery Asphalt Paving is the area’s residential asphalt paving expert. Residents in southwestern Pennsylvania can depend on Tom Jeffery Asphalt Paving to install new asphalt pavement with accuracy for driveways, tennis courts, private roads, playgrounds, walkways, and other areas on residential property.

With the addition of new asphalt pavement, you can completely transform your space. When working on any paving project, Tom Jeffery Asphalt Paving makes sure to follow standards, requirements, and codes of the local communities in the area. For a free estimate on asphalt paving services, contact Tom Jeffery Asphalt Paving at (724) 640-6798.

High Quality Services From Tom Jeffery Asphalt paving

-Asphalt Paving

-Line Striping
-Crack Filling

We offer expert, affordable, paving and patching services for:

-Private roads
-Parking lots

-Tennis Courts

Reliable Residential Asphalt Pavement Repair Services

Tom Jeffery Asphalt Paving offers services for asphalt repair including patching, crack filling, and sealcoating. We can repair cracked or buckled pavement that has seen better days, and prevent it from becoming a safety hazard. With our asphalt repair services, we can give any paved surface that brand new look.

Sealcoating allows asphalt to maintain its smooth and resistant surface. When done every few years, it can save you money on more expensive repairs in the future.

Asphalt Maintenance Services for Driveways and Walkways

Tom Jeffery Asphalt Paving understands residential driveways and walkways need a special type of attention. They can experience some wear and tear from cars, people, UV rays, and the weather. Over time asphalt driveways might develop small cracks or other type of structural damage. Let Tom Jeffery Asphalt Paving help you restore the look of your driveway and walkway on your property with sealcoating and crack filling. With proper maintenance, you can prevent moisture from rain, snow, and ice from getting into the lower layer of asphalt, and causing damage. Tom Jeffery Asphalt Paving can provide a clean, safe, and well maintained driveways and walkways, and improve the curb appeal of your home.